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You can’t “Fix” anything without the proper tools! Check back often, as I am always updating the page!

So…I created this resource page to easily list recommended tools and equipment that I use and/or those I know are valuable to helping you save money on your DIY projects, around your “Old House”. This way you can quickly find great products all in one place. Whether you like to DIY or not, my goal is to save  you money, all from one page, by ensuring that YOU  are a well-informed homeowner and consumer!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used.
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Rigid HEPA Vaccum

Rigid.  Rigid makes a great HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum for all your remodel project needs, and at a great price compared to others that are $500+. I like the 14 gallon size because if you go too small, the smaller hoses tend to clog more easily/frequently. I also like it because all the regular shop-vacs that I have had in the past, blow a ton of dust right back into the room when it is running…not good – I like the HEPA filter and sealed upper unit to the lower canister on this Rigid model! Be sure to use bags for easy cleanup and disposal. The only cons: Sometimes the hose gets clogged (as all shop-vacs do) with my extension hose attached (smaller diameter) and it can be difficult to remove the bag sometimes if it is super full. You won’t find another HEPA vac at this price point – Amazon has matched the Home Depot price of $349.00 and FREE shipping. More info on the Rigid HEPA Vacuum here.

Rigid dust bags – 2 pack

Rigid Hi Efficiency Dust Bags. The HEPA fiter dust sleeve will stay cleaner, and life of the HEPA filter can be increased for years by using the Rigid Hi Efficiency Dust Bags – 2 pack. The dust bags also make disposal a breeze.


Check out all the paint stripping items shown here over at the Exterior Painting and Stripping Technical blog







Allway Tools Contour Scraper Set w/ 6 Blades

Allway Tools. Need some supplemental profile scrapers that fit the contours of your doors, windows, trim, and mouldings? Well then, the Allway Tools Soft Grip Contour Scraper Set with 6 Blades. With many attachment blades (convex, concave, and pointed – large and small), there’s not much this set cannot do. It also comes with a plastic case for the extra blades and a metal file built into the handle so you can keep your blades sharp!









Bahco 1″ Scraper


Bahco. The Bahco 625 Premium 1″ Carbide Scraper is my GO-TO   tool when scraping ANY  paint! If you are going to have one tool   in your paint stripping tool box, it MUST  be this one! Why? 1) It’s small surface area allows it to easily remove tons of paint, for its size, on flat wood/trim. 2) It is a must for cupped siding, warped trim, or any surface that is not flat (a wide scraper can’t reach the low spots and digs in on the edges)  3) The carbide blade lasts a long time (rotate 3 times before discarding the blade). I like it so much I have 2! I have used in on clapboard, flooring, trim, etc (for heavy stripping and final cleanup for that last bit of glaze down to 100% clean wood = less sanding). Don’t let the size fool ya! With less surface area than the larger scrapers, it is able to cut 10X more aggressively! You won’t be disappointed! Grab one here Bahco 625 Premium 1″ Carbide Scraper.



Bahco Replacement Blade1″ Carbide Scraper Blade replacement




Clapboard Scraper

Eco-Strip. The Eco-Strip Clapboard Paint Scraper. This one comes with the complete Speedheater™ Standard 1100 Kit, but is also available separately. The Speedheater™ brand of scrapers are among my favorite because they bite down 5-10 layers and you can get a lot of leverage on them to remove all the paint in one pull (as long as blade is sharp).  I also like that it scrapes the flat while also the top underside edge, as well.


Profile Scraper

Eco-Strip. The Eco-Strip Profile Paint Scraper. This one comes with the complete Speedheater™ Standard 1100 Kit, but is also available separately. The Speedheater™ brand of scrapers are among my favorite because they bite down 5-10 layers and you can get a lot of leverage on them to remove all the paint in one pull (as long as blade is sharp).  I also like that it has multiple profiles for crown moulding, etc.


Replacement Blades

Eco-Strip: Replacement Blades.





Speedheater Cobra
Speedheater™ Cobra

Eco-Strip. Speedheater™ Cobra.

With its gentle infrared stripping method and its incredible speed, Speedheater™ Cobra is in a class of its own! The Speedheater™ Cobra is the FASTEST infrared paint remover on the market. The Cobra is the perfect tool for DIY homeowners stripping staircases, doors, windows, spindles, tight spaces, furniture, and more.

For professionals, add the Cobra to your Speedheater™ Standard 1100 Kit and any painted wood surface – big or small – can be stripped with the Speedheater™ Method. With its 20-year-tested infrared technology and with INCREDIBLE SPEED, the new Cobra strips paint, varnish, and adhesives.


Speedheater™ Standard 1100 Kit

Eco-Strip. Speedheater™ Standard 1100 Kit.

The Speedheater™ uses infrared rays to warm paint and wood for easy stripping. The process is safe with no lead fumes and clean with little paint dust. The resulting wood surface is bare and immediately ready for priming and painting. No other paint removal method can achieve these high-quality results with so few steps. The infrared rays bring the natural wood resins back up to the wood surface to rejuvenate it. This method also reduces the risk of fire, environmental damage, and clean up time. Perfect for trim, siding, windows, doors, trim , and more…

It’s not just for exterior and interior home restoration. It can be used on boat varnish, furniture, flooring adhesives and more.

Visit the Eco-Strip for more info on warranty, repair, returns, etc.




Franmar. SoyGel Urethane and paint Remover.



Warner Round Carbide Scraper

Warner. Round Carbide Soft Grip Scraper with a carbide blade that can be rotated many times for long life, this is one of my favorite scrapers, especially for profile trim, doors, etc.


North Full-Faced Respirator

North (by Honeywell). Safety First, y’all!!! Any time I am sanding, scraping paint (especially overhead), etc, I wear a full-faced respirator like this one from North. The North 5400 Series Full-faced Respirator is my go-to mask for the past 10 years now (I’m on my second one) and will set you back around $100. In my experience, wearing it for hundreds of hours, my first one lasted about 6 years before it started sealing improperly around my face. After that time the silicone rubber starts to lose its shape, but that normal wear and tear in my book. Its a small price to pay annually to completely protect your lungs and eyes! For more info about the North 5400 Series Full-faced Respirator go here. 

Respirator Fit Check, CLICK HERE



P100 Particulate Filter Cartridges

North (by Honeywell). N P100 Particulate Filter Cartridge. Replacement dust filters for your 5400 Series respirator. The pair should run you about $10 or less.





Gas and Vapor Cartridge

North (by Honeywell)North 75SCP100 Combination Gas and Vapor Cartridge. Replacement gas and vapor cartridges for your 5400 Series respirator. The pair should run you about $18 or less.


Drain King Kit

Drain King Drain Clearing Kit. G.T. Water Products, Inc. 340 1-1/2-Inch to 3-Inch Drain King All in One Kit  IS  my go-to plumbing tool for regular preventative  maintenance (to keep all my pipes draining like new). Read the review and see it in action HERE. I really have nothing negative to say about the kit, except that it can drip a bit of water from the faucet connection if too loose OR over-tightened. And as a precaution, never let it build pressure for more that 2-3 minutes, just in case it over-pressurizes your pipes. That’s it! I love it! Need to clean a drain, get your Drain King Kit here.


Radiator Bleeding Air Valve Key. Use these Radiator Bleeding Air Valve Keys to bleed down air from your radiators, –  for for venting the system when draining down the boiler for flushing/maintenance.


Radiator Key

Signature Hardware. Radiator Key. Larger, more decorative version of the ones above (square pattern only/no flat tip).




Rad Tool - Edited
Spud Wrench

Radiator Spud Wrench. This Radiator Spud Wrench removes the pipe flange that threads into the radiator – usually removed during radiator valve replacement. As long as the fitting is not stuck/frozen the tool will easily remove it. You will find multiple vendors with higher prices, but they are all made from cast zinc.

Note: Always replace the entire radiator valve “set” as new/old style threads/flange may differ , and may leak if old and new parts are mixed.

20180417_191523 - Edited (1)


Air Things Radon Detector

Airthings. Do you have radon, or want to actively monitor for radon in your home, to ensure it is staying within safe levels? if so, Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings  is your gadget of choice. It is portable, easy-to-use, light weight, made in Norway, and only requires 3 AAA batteries.  It gives 1) Long term average reading 2) Short term – 7 day reading, and 3) Short-term 1 day readings. Just pop the batteries in, turn it on, and you are done! Our home tested super high at the time of the home inspection (more info on a previous technical blog), so I wanted one to actively monitor our radon. While many cost $300-$1000+, this one is actually affordable at around $150. Click here if you need a Home Radon Detector


Contour Sander Set

Rockler. Rockler makes some awesome Contour Sanding Grips for all of your trim sanding needs. I just finished using this set to sand the very detailed trim in our kitchen and I can tell you that they shaved off hours of sanding time vs all by hand. Check out the Contour Sanders in action HERE!  The set is made of rubber, reusable, and are sized 1/4″  –  7/8″. Just wrap the sand paper around it and go! This is the best $15 bucks I ever spent! For more info on the Rockler Contour Sanding Grips click here.

STUD FINDER (for plaster walls)

ProFinder 6000+ Stud Finder

Precision Sensors. If you have ever tried to find studs behind plaster walls, the struggle is REAL! Well, life just got a little bit easier with The ProFinder 6000+ Scanning Stud Finder. Unlike other stud finders with only 1 or 2 sensors, the ProFinder 6000+ has 13! This means triangulated, deeper scanning (up to 1.7″ deep) and it actually shows you the entire width of the stud you are scanning, so you know exactly where the edges are. Cons: For plaster and lath it IS a little more sensitive, as it tries to pick up the lath and the stud. The trick is to move it slower  (up/down) and find the gap between the lath (all lights OFF vs ON), then move left to right, to find the stud. I was even able to scan through my 1″ bead board on the porch ceiling to hang my swing! I don’t know of another stud finder that can do this. For more info on the ProFinder 6000+ click here.

Note: I have the 5000+ (Blue).  The NEW 6000+(Green), about $42, scans 1.7″ deep vs 1.5″ for the 5000+.

ProFinder 6000 DEMO 


12 Cool Tools You Didn’t Know Existed


Hyde Window Zipper. Are your old double-hung windows stuck or painted shut? Don’t destroy the window and/or the trim trying to pry them open, try the Hyde Window Zipper. The stainless-steel saw tooth blade saws out paint between sill and sash on paint-stuck Windows. 4.4 out of 5 star rating, based on 88 reviews.


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