Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? What’s in Your Water?

We are supposed to drink up to 8 glasses of water per day, but do we really know what’s in our water? As a general rule, our water (municipal or ground well) is considered pretty safe. After all, it can be tested thoroughly, and municipal water must meet certain minimum federal guidelines to ensure cleanliness before it leaves the water treatment facility.


However, as a result of our Old Home plumbing, the industrial revolution, global pollution, toxic spills, toxic dumping, farming, newly discovered microplastics contamination, PFOA/PFOS contamination, and even naturally occurring dangers, is there an ounce of water left on Earth that hasn’t been tainted by our hands, or our plumbing infrastructure?


Furthermore, keep reading to find out what potential contaminates ( search by zip code) may be in your water, and how to mitigate and treat those risks. Continue reading “Is Tap Water Safe to Drink? What’s in Your Water?”