Range Hood Selection, Tips, and Maintenance

Are you planning your kitchen remodel and finding yourself stuck on selecting the right range hood? With hundreds and hundreds of options available, range hood selection can be quite difficult and confusing!

But it doesn’t have to be!

So grab your wish list and objectives, and let’s go through a quick checklist to find that perfect range hood for your next kitchen remodel! Continue reading “Range Hood Selection, Tips, and Maintenance”


Range Hood Installation: Logistics, Planning, and Execution

It’s time to remodel your kitchen, and you are planning everything around your range hood installation. You’re trying to make sure that everything works and integrates together, but there are so many options. Ugh, Right?

What do you do?

Stay tuned, and My Old House “Fix” will lay out a few range hood installation options, that will get your kitchen remodel planning and range hood installation back on the right track! Continue reading “Range Hood Installation: Logistics, Planning, and Execution”