Old House History: Embracing the Past

What sets aside our Old Houses from new houses?


Old House History to be exact.  All Old Houses have a story to tell…one that’s been decades in the making, and told from lives of an almost forgotten era.


Old House History


These stories play out differently across the globe – by location, neighborhood, workmanship, generations that have passed through your front door, and even down to the historic materials used to construct your Old House!

As Old House lovers and caretakers, we should seek to embrace and honor this history…not erase it.

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Historic Preservation: Retaining and Restoring Old House Character

Old Houses just have a certain charm and character! That’s why Old Houses are so desirable and sought after. For many reasons, we just don’t build houses like we used to! Whether it’s time, or profit driven, loss of trade/ skills/art, we just don’t seem to value “Old House character” anymore…I don’t know why. One thing I do know is, it’s a shame. Continue reading “Historic Preservation: Retaining and Restoring Old House Character”