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  • Do your homework!
  • Have a whole house plan / vision.
  • Practice patience / take your time!
  • Ask plenty of questions.
  • There are no stupid questions!

Hi, Chris here!
By day, I’m a professional Project/Program Manager specializing in Logistics. But, for the past ten years, in my spare time, my passion has been Old House restoration and preservation! I want to PREPARE you to REPAIR and RESTORE your Old House!


I FEEL YOUR PAIN…I REALLY DO! I’ve been there! Heck, I’m still “there“!


Like many people, I knew nothing about Old Houses, so what did I get myself into? Well, with keys in hand, there I stood in a damp, musty, asbestos covered basement…CLUELESS. I’m not a professional carpenter, plumber, or electrician! “I can’t do this”! Sound familiar???


Yeah, the house had some issues, but don’t they all? But she had curb appeal, and I could see the diamond in the rough… just waiting to shine through all that aluminum siding!!!


So, it’s time to get to work!


Follow along as I continue the restoration on our “Old House” in Ann Arbor’s Old West Side Historic District! Let me share with you all the Old House projects and knowledge that I have acquired over the past 15 years. I don’t know everything, but I have learned a lot, and continue to learn EVERY day! 


Areas in which I am proficient: project management, planning, design, logistics management, risk management, life-cycle planning, product selection, historical restoration, renovation, lessons learned, working along side contractors, just to name a few!


You don’t have to travel the Old House journey alone! Are YOU with me? Old House lovers…Welcome Home!



Christopher Hewett, PMP

My Old House”Fix”


# of years experience in Project Management

# of Old Houses owned


of the time I am thinking about coffee and Old Houses

# of times I point out "wavy glass" each day

# of times I think about Logistical impacts on each project

  Contact Me

Contact Me

Email: info@myoldhousefix.com

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My Old House Fix, LLC

P.O Box 3346

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106