HEPA Vacuum – why do you need one?


The Ridgid HEPA Vacuum (RV2600B) is a 14 gallon 2-Stage Industrial Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum delivering high-lift suction, large capacity, rugged construction, excellent mobility and upgraded accessories for pro, contractor, and industrial use. It also features a sealed/locking canister to motor housing, large diameter hose for reduced clogging, and is certified for Lead renovation, restoration, and abatement work.


Ridgid HEPA Vacuum.  This is one of my Top 3  DIY Cool Tools for Old House work because it has so many uses! Ridgid makes a great HEPA Vacuum for all your remodel project needs, and at a great price compared to others that are $500+. I like the 14 gallon size because if you go too small, the smaller hoses tend to clog more easily/frequently. I also like it because all the regular shop-vacs that I have had in the past, blow a ton of dust right back into the room when it is running…not good when Old Houses have the possibilities of coal, asbestos, lead dust, and any other substance that can harm you or your lungs, if inhaled. I like the HEPA filter and sealed upper unit to the lower canister on this Ridgid model! Be sure to use bags for easy cleanup and disposal. I use mine on a weekly basis! The only cons: Sometimes the hose gets clogged (as all shop-vacs do) with my extension hose attached (smaller diameter) and it can be difficult to remove the bag sometimes if it is super full. You won’t find another HEPA vacuum at this price point.

For dust-free sanding, the Ridgid HEPA Vacuum is also handy for attaching your Ridgid and other brand orbital sanders

Additional information


11.5 amp, 2 stage motor




14 gallons


Lead abatement


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