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Limited Closet Space? A 4-Step Solution

Are you losing your mind over the lack of quality closet space? Keep reading ... and everything WILL be ok! Don’t get me wrong, I love Old Houses, and many turn out to be nice pieces of real estate, but it’s no secret, they can be lacking real estate in the closet...

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Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: 3 Steps to Hide Those Plugs and Switches

First of all, if you are planning a kitchen remodel, then you have probably had to consider many kitchen backsplash ideas. Unfortunately, most kitchen backsplash designs have one thing in common, that you definitely want to stay away from, if you really want that vintage, clean, uncluttered look! Keep reading and find out how to … Continue reading “Kitchen Backsplash Ideas: 3 Steps to Hide Those Plugs and Switches”

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