Hudson Reed. Regent – White Horizontal 3-Column Traditional Cast-Iron Style Radiator. Styles, Size, and BTU ratings vary…see additional pages for additional radiators and radiator-related products. Hudson Reed delivers top quality bathroom and heating products, and they back them with a 10 year warranty and FREE shipping! I use them all the time.



Foundry Cast Iron Radiator
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Foundry Cast Iron Radiators.  It’ s no secret that Foundry Cast Iron makes some of the most beautiful radiators on this Earth! Go check them out, as they have many styles, shapes, colors, and finishes to suit your taste! And, did I mention that radiant heat is the BEST heat!








Amazon. Radiator coin valve / air vent valve. This is a replacement “air bleed” valve for your cast iron radiators. And these are less than $5.



Cast Iron Radiator Valve
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Supply House. Replacement Radiator Valves from Supply House come in many shapes and sizes – for steam heat or hot water. If you are removing your radiators to have them sandblasted/painted, that is a perfect time to replace the valve assembly!





Foundry Cast Iron Radiator Valve
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Foundry Cast Iron. In the market for some new, decorative radiator valves? Foundry Cast Iron has what you crave! Just look at these beauties!!!

FOundry Cast Iron Radiator Valve Assortment
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Signature Hardware. Radiator pipe to floor decorative flange/escutcheons and Air Bleed Keys. Finish off your radiator install with an elegant look! These decorative flanges solid brass construction, and come in many different pipe size, style, and finish options. Find the one that completes your “look” HERE.






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