North Full-Faced Respirator Fit Check

I like to wear a thin head covering, like in the photo, that way it doesn’t pull my hair when adjusting the respirator.

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1)  Men, make sure your face is clean shaven. No beards, long moustache, side burns, etc.
2)  I always start with all 4 adjustments all the way out AND only the bottom band unclipped – this makes it easier to take off /put on…
3) Slide it on, clip the bottom strap, and start tightening all 4 straps equally till it snugs up comfortably. We are all made differently, so top or bottom 2 straps may need more than the other.
4) Fit check: Once comfortably snug, place both hands over both filters and complete block them WHILE breathing in. If sealed all the way around your face, it will suck in and NO air will leak in anywhere around the sealing points. If it does, tighten till it stops and /or slightly re-position on your face.
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Once it is 4-6 yrs old, and won’t seal anymore, it’s time for a new one!
Tip: keep the white plastic cover on it when not in use to help hold the shape.
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