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Our Kitchen Resources Page is dedicated to any and all kitchen resources of interest to Old House owners. So, think of this page as your GO-TO resource for all your Old House needs! Whether you are performing general maintenance, a basic remodel, or going all out for that perfect Vintage Kitchen, check out this page for ideas, information, and inspiration!!!

These are the items that we used in the design of The Eiting House Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel & Blog Series. We spent long hours doing all the research, scouring the internet, magazines, home tours, and home improvement shops to find these kitchen “gems”. They are all here in one place so you don’t have to waste hours finding them yourself. You will surely fall in love with a few of these. Prices are always changing, so be sure to always check pricing.
Enjoy the eye candy!

Also ,check back often, as we are always updating the page! Finally, do you have a recommendation? Contact us, and let us know what’s missing from the library!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below. I may receive commissions (at no cost to you) for purchases made through links in this post, but these are all products I highly recommend.

The Eiting House (c.1890)  Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Resource & Hardware List

Enjoy the eye candy!


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Home Designer Suite 2019. We used it for our kitchen and bath remodels, and liked the realistic results. With the download, you can be up and running in no time, but think about a backup disc for a small additional charge.  If really helped us have a firm vision of what we were planning. For $99 it was good insurance, and way cheaper than hiring an architect. After all, who knows your home better than you, right? Check out the Home Designer video tutorial here. If you are familiar with Power Point and, you should be able to catch on pretty easy, but with all programs, some features have a longer learning curve.  If you’d like to download the software CLICK HERE.





Daltile (Home Depot). White 3″ x 6″Ceramic Subway Tile from Daltile, featured at the Home Depot. This subway tile rounds out the farmhouse kitchen feel, and has a great look at a great price!






L.A Drouillard & Sons Custom Cabinetry.  If you are located around southeast Michigan and need super high quality, custom cabinetry at an affordable price, go see Larry. He is committed to using the highest quality materials and workmanship, while delivering custom cabinetry at competitive prices. To see more of his work over his website click HERE






Superbright LEDs.  LED Kit: High Density Warm White 3250K, High Brightness, w/ Remote and Dimmer. Part Number: NFLSK-WW300X3-UC.  Length: 16 ft long. 

The kit comes with everything you need to mount and install the roll of LED lights – power supply, adapters, dimmer, etc. Its a great option over the mainstream, bulky under-cabinet lighting. For all your lighting needs, check out





Superbright LEDs.  Low Profile Surface Mount LED Profile Housing for LED Strip Lights  .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .                                                                                                                                                                                


House of Antique Hardware.  Item #: RS-08TKTK322PN.    Reeded Drawer Pulls – 3 3/4″ Diameter .  Polished Nickel. – 3 3/4″, 7″, and 12″.Classical style meets Classical design. For more of our hardware needs go to www.







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House of Antique Hardware.  Item #: RS-08TK-TK320PN. Reeded Round Cabinet Knob – 1 1/4″ Diameter.  Polished Nickel.  For more of our hardware needs go to www.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .

Wire Meah Grilles.jpg
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Klise. Wire Mesh Grille for kitchen cabinet doors. Add some accent to open-faced doors, if glass is not your “thing”. Choose from different styles, spacing, and finish.





Lowes. Decorative Sheet Metal for kitchen cabinet doors.  This is the style (aluminum) we used with the Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel.






L.A Drouillard & Sons Custom Cabinetry.  Black Walnut (Distressed). If you are located around southeast Michigan and need super high quality, custom cabinetry  or countertops at an affordable price, go see Larry. He is committed to using the highest quality materials and workmanship, while delivering custom cabinetry at competitive prices. To see more of his work over his website click HERE. A similar version of the Distressd Black Walnut Countertop is available at Lowes – by allen + roth

  • Make sure they seal ALL sides with 4-6 coats of Waterlox!!! Refer back to the countertop installation blog for all the info you will need to know when installing wood countertops !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .



Fisher & Paykel – from AJ Madison.  Model DD24D19N.    Fisher & Paykel Fully Integrated Double DishDrawer.

“Panel Ready”. Features 15 Wash Cycles, Smart Drive Technology, Load Sensing, Fold Down Tines and Adjustable Racks: Custom Panels and Handles Required. The top washer is tall than the bottom one, so we actually use the top one the most. From all the online reviews, people seem to be split 50/50 – love it or hate it, so we were very reluctant to buy it. I found a few people that actually owned them, so that put us at ease. We have actually had this DishDrawer for over 2 years now and have had no issues with it. It cleans well and can handle up to 14 place settings worth of dishes. It’s also super easy to fully disassemble (if repairs are needed) and to clean. No more climbing inside your dishwasher or having to remove it for repairs. The only cons – F&P fixed them with this new model (ours is discontinued) – no more remote control and both drawers are same depth now.  Would we buy it again…YES!!!






Verona – from AJ Madison.  Model # VCLFSGE365DR.  The Verona Classic Series 36 Inch Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range.

This 5 burner (gas), dual convection oven (electric), pro-style range is a beauty!  If you are looking for a dual oven range and only have 36 inches of width to work with  – this is it! The Verona cooks well, and the small oven (as low as 700 watts) replaced out toaster oven. Hello to more countertop space! The cook top is gas and both ovens are European convection electric. All of the accessories are a must have (roller racks, simmer plate, etc) except for the stainless steel griddle. The center burner is large in diameter (large enough to accommodate a 22″ paella pan , but the griddle is soo big that only the middle 1/3 of the cooking surface is hot enough to cook on. The griddle seems like an afterthought and not actually made for this range. Also, the cut-outs for the handles are so low, grease tends to leak out all over the cook top. I wouldn’t recommend the stainless griddle. For more info, options, and models visit the Verona  Home Page.

More Verona Info

  • Here is the link to the complete Verona catalog.
  • Verona warranty: 2 years, parts and labor.
  • Verona available at Amazon and AJ Madison
  • Amazon is currently offering free shipping and no tax in some states!!!
  • Amazon offers additional 4 year ($118) and 5 year ($248) warranty coverage
  • Executive Appliance (AMAZON) is an authorized Verona dealer, so the Verona 2 year warranty is still valid. Executive Appliance will follow up with you for extras and options like the Chef’s Pack, simmer plate, roller racks, griddles, etc.
  • AJ Madison home page link for info / purchase

Verona Forum

Still on the fence as whether to buy??? I’ve attached a link to the Verona HOUZZ forum thread


Verona Capacity


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Nordic Ware. The Nordic Ware Prism 43170, Half Sheet. We use these and they work great for baked items like cookies, etc. The bottom and edges brown nicely and the sheets are non-stick.

Large Oven: Tray Size – 13″W x 17 3/4″L



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Nordic Ware. The Nordic Ware Prism 45370, Quarter Sheet. We use these and they work great for baked items like cookies, etc. The bottom and edges brown nicely and the sheets are non-stick.

Small Oven: Tray Size – 9.5W” x 13″L



Will That Turkey Fit?

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Cleaning Hacks for the Verona Burner Caps

Is there a Trick to Cleaning the Cooktop Aluminum Burner Caps “Flame Spreaders” ?

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They can be a chore to clean, as almost immediately they begin to get black spots from burnt on food and grease. This has been a problem discussed over on the Houzz forum. Additionally, don’t make the mistake my wife did, and soak them in ammonia water with the cast iron grates. The ammonia reacts with the aluminum and they turn BLACK! I REPEAT…DO NOT SOAK THE ALUMINUM BURNER CAPS (FLAME SPREADERS) IN AMMONIA WATER! – SEE SLIDESHOW BELOW



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Difficult to clean Verona Aluminum Burner Caps

  • If the baking soda and water “paste” is literally not “cutting it”… here is your last resort to clean the Burner Caps (“Flame Spreaders”). It’s really simple ans easy!!! : Now full disclosure here, as I would save this as a last resort, but is does work effectively and will not ruin or damage the burner caps in any way! Quickly wet sand them with a super-fine 600 grit sandpaper. It basically polishes them back clean, but much faster than scrubbing with soap, etc. It works! The only down side is they dull just a bit, as it does remove that “polished” high shine. But they will become soo dirty, you probably won’t care after a month…like us. Judge for yourself in the picture, and the slideshow below. You can hardly tell the difference. You can buy new ones, as Verona mentioned in the Houzz forum, but they will be dirty again within weeks. The sandpaper method is by far the winner, in my opinion, after 6 months of ownership, otherwise you will drive yourself  c r a z y 🙂

Cleaning Hacks for the Verona Gas Cooktop

What About Cleaning the Gas Cooktop Cast Iron Grates?

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Without a doubt, the gas cooktop is harder to clean, with all its parts, burner caps, etc. If you are concerned about this, a glass (smooth) cooktop may be right for you.




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Make sure your existing sink, or your new sink will accommodate easy cleaning/soaking of the cast iron grates (ammonia water). As previously stated above DO NOT soak the aluminum burner caps in the ammonia water! The ammonia will turn the aluminum BLACK.                                                                                                                                                  





Rocket – from Chris’ Coffee Service.  The Rocket Appartamento Copper Espresso Machine.  

The Rocket Appartamento…its a real espresso, with its copper boiler and polished stainless steel case, it’s made to last. Expect a 15-20 year life, easy! It’s a solid investment if you love coffee…and it makes some AMAZING coffee! I never knew coffee was this good and I will never drink Starbucks again…it’s that good! I have a new reason to get up in the mornings, and it’s because of this machine. We’ve had it for about 8 months now with no issues, and it also fits well on the countertop/beneath the upper cabinet. Would I buy it again…absolutely! It also has a 2-year parts and labor warranty.  Check out more coffee related stuff here at Chris’ Coffee Service.





Baratza.  The Baratza Vario is a doserless 54 mm ceramic burr grinder with 1/2 pound hopper capacity. It features macro and micro settings to dial in the perfect grind. With heavy duty construction combined with a small footprint, it doesn’t take up too much room on our countertop. The Baratza Vario is the perfect choice if you are looking to avoid the $500+ grinders on the market (which are very common these days). It is recommended as a top choice for a great entry-level grinder! I have no complaints with this grinder!

Where to buy:  Amazon.


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Chris’ Coffee TIP:  Look for Open Box deals and refurbished grinders, etc to save  money. Check out more                coffee related stuff here at Chris’ Coffee Service.







Rohl.  Model # RC3018WH.  The Shaws Original 30″ Fireclay Farmhouse Sink in white, single bowl apron front is the ultimate farmhouse sink! This stunner is the center piece that completes the timeless look in our farmhouse kitchen remodel. The single bowl also makes it super easy to wash your pots, pans, stove grates, etc; that just isn’t possible with the standard, shallow, dual-basin sinks. The only downside? There are some known instances of chipping if you bang heavy items against it (to be expected, see the protective below), and I have read of about 6 to cases to date, of “crazing”, a known issue to Rohl where the top white glaze coat (not the fireclay structure itself) develops some “spiderweb”, super-fine cracking on the surface around the drain. It’s superficial, and not even visible with the protective rack in the bottom, but nonetheless extremely frustrating for a sink at this price point – ask me how I know! Yes, ours did this! We sent photos, and Rohl sent us a free replacement immediately, as it was covered under the 1 year warranty. Bottom line: You will see negative reviews on this sink. Could we live with the cracks? Yes, as they are barely visible and cosmetic. Would we buy it again?  Truthfully, yes. As difficult as it might be, there simply isn’t another farmhouse sink on the market with “that look“…the Shaws Original Fireclay Farmhouse Sink is an absolute stunner  I have included an actual picture of our sink, below…



Rohl.  The Rohl Wire Sink Grid is specially designed to fit the Rohl RC3018 (above), this item is a MUST if you want to protect your investment in a Rohl farmhouse sink. The grid has padded feet that won’t damage the surface of the sink, and the stainless steel grid protects the sink from scratches and chips. This way you can stack the sink with dishes and scrub away without worrying about damaging your new sink! I HIGHLY recommend the Rohl Wire Sink Grid.


Note:  I would recommend the stainless steel over the white for  the following reasons: 1) the stainless is more durable  2) the white one is basically rubber coated and will melt (from hot pots) 3) The white will start to chip, peel, look dirty and dingy, while the stainless will hold up much longer and look cleaner.