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InfraRed Rack Kit™  FAQs

  • Q: What Infrared Paint Strippers are compatible with the InfraRed Rack Kit™ (InfraRed Rail System™ + InfraRed Rack™ Assembly)? And where do I buy an Infrared Paint Stripper?

A:  Speedheater 1100™, Silent Paint Remover™, or any model with the 3/8” attachment hole through the case and tool width up to around 14 ½” wide.

A:  You can find a Speedheater 1100™   –   CLICK HERE.


  • Q: What is the InfraRed Rack Kit™?

A:   It contains TWO parts:

1) InfraRed Rack Assembly™  –  a special, quick-adjusting bracket assembly that holds your Infrared Paint Stripper and allows super-fast vertical adjustments. From My Old House Fix. 

2) InfraRed Rail System™ Data  –  a special rail system that holds the InfraRed Rack Assembly and allows super-fast horizontal adjustments. You will purchase locally based on the technical data and shopping list provided. A parts Manual, Operator Manual, and video tutorials are also provided to walk you through the easy steps. Local Purchase.


  • Q: For the InfraRed Rail System™, why do you only include the technical data, links, and shopping list, instead of the actual parts?

A:  Two reasons:  Even at local hardware stores, most of the InfraRed Rail System™ parts are only available as online, as they are large and oversized. You have two options: 

1) ship to store/pickup, or 

2) ship direct to your home/front doorstep.

Being larger items, it is much more economical for you to buy those few parts online, save the markup, and save on additional packaging/shipping charges. It’s a Win-Win, cut out the middle-man, and keeps the price below comparable Accessory Kits!

  • Q: How is the InfraRed Rack Kit™  ( InfraRed Rack™ Assembly  +  Rail System™ +) different from other Infrared Paint Stripper accessories?

A:  It complements other accessories. The InfraRed Rack Kit™ (InfraRed Rail System™ + InfraRed Rack™ Assembly)  1) the InfraRed Rail System™ is totally customizable in length and height (nearly unlimited reach from initial setup). Just add horizontal rail and vertical rod sections, as needed.  2) easy mounting provisions that don’t require multi moves/setups-ups, or additional hardware.  3) The InfraRed Rack™ Assembly features ONE quick/instant lock and release clamp, that’s it!  No clumsy screw clamps.  4)  if you have a larger project area, or work crew, you can add multiple Infrared Paint Strippers, as needed. 5) all steel, heavy duty construction… with NO plastic parts.


  • Q: What work area(s) is the InfraRed Rack Kit™ (InfraRed Rail System™ + InfraRed Rack™ Assembly) best suited for?

A:  Any vertical, exterior walls (siding, clapboard, etc), and in some cases, interior walls (long runs of painted shiplap, trim, etc.


  • Q: What work area(s) is the InfraRed Rack Kit™ (InfraRed Rail System™ + InfraRed Rack™ Assembly) NOT suited for?

A:  Overhead work, soffits, and the very top couple of boards covered by the Box Rails when mounted.

  • Q: How long will my InfraRed Rack Kit™ (InfraRed Rail System™ + InfraRed Rack™ Assembly) last?

A:  The InfraRed Rail System™ and InfraRed Rack™ assemblies are built to be repaired; NOT replaced! Due to the galvanized, zinc, and heavy-duty, all steel construction, your initial purchase will likely be your last, unless you need additional Kits for running multiple Infrared Paint Strippers at one time. Additionally, all of the parts are available and replaceable, so any individual item/part can be replaced inexpensively.


  • Q: I’m worried about cost.

A:  1) the InfraRed Rack Kit™ (InfraRed Rail System™ + InfraRed Rack™ Assembly) retail for less that other comparable accessories, and  2)  will pay for itself in  WORK, TIME, and FATIGUE saved/eliminated.


  • Q: What additional items do I need to work with multiple Speedheaters and team members?

A:  Want to run more than ONE InfraRed Paint Stripper off of one rail system? Here are the additional parts you will need (also refer to your Parts Manual). For each Paint Stripper you will need:

  • One Roller Assembly
  • One Vertical Rod and Coupler set (as needed, for total vertical reach)
  • One Rack Kit per Paint Stripper (custom bracket assembly).
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