Hi, Chris here!

By day, I’m a professional Project/Program Manager specializing in Logistics. But, for the past ten years, in my spare time, my  passion has been restoring Old Homes!

I FEEL YOUR PAIN…I REALLY DO! I’ve been there! Heck, I’m still there“!  I’m the proud owner of a new “Old” House! I knew nothing about Old Houses, so what did I get myself into? With keys in hand, there in a damp, musty, asbestos covered basement, I stood…CLUELESS. I’m not a professional carpenter, plumber, or electrician. “I can’t do this”! Sound familiar???

Yeah, the house had some issues, but don’t they all? She had curb appeal! I could see the diamond in the rough, just waiting to shine through all that aluminum siding!!! “She” is old…but has good bones – That’s what the home inspector mumbled to me as he walked away to his truck…and left me there on the front porch…

Now what? Time to get to work!

Follow along as I continue the restoration on our “Old House” in Ann Arbor’s Old West Side Historic District! Learn from my mistakes, let me share with you the knowledge I have learned over the past 10 years (project management, planning, design, logistics, product selection, historical restoration, renovation, and much, much more), and let’s see what the rest of the journey has in store!

Are YOU with me???

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Christopher Hewett, PMP


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