Range Hood Installation: Logistics, Planning, and Execution

It’s time to remodel your kitchen, and you are planning everything around your range hood installation. You’re trying to make sure that everything works and integrates together, but there are so many options. Ugh, Right?

What do you do?

Stay tuned, and My Old House “Fix” will lay out a few range hood installation options, that will get your kitchen remodel planning and range hood installation back on the right track! Continue reading “Range Hood Installation: Logistics, Planning, and Execution”


Limited Closet Space? A 4-Step Solution

Are you losing your mind over the lack of quality closet space? Keep reading … and everything WILL be ok! Continue reading “Limited Closet Space? A 4-Step Solution”

Concrete Steps and Stone Walls: Front Porch Restoration

Concrete Steps and Stone Walls

This week’s topic is concrete steps and stone (wing) wall restoration for your Old House, so don’t miss these 12 vital steps to cement your porch restoration success! Read on to learn more… Continue reading “Concrete Steps and Stone Walls: Front Porch Restoration”