Summer Preventive Maintenance Tips & Checklist

Summer is finally here! Its time for lounging in the front porch swing and backyard BBQs! But first we need follow up on our preventive maintenance tasks from Spring. So sit back, and let My Old House”Fix” walk you through  all your Summer Preventive Maintenance tasks, in and around your Old House. Let’s get to work, its really not as hard as you might think! Continue reading “Summer Preventive Maintenance Tips & Checklist”


Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: Part 5: Lessons Learned and Closeout

Part 5 of the Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel brings us to the final phase of the project, so don’t miss out- Kitchen Remodel Lessons Learned & Closeout. This phase wraps up all remaining details, work, inspections, and lessons learned, which we will document and take on to the the next project. Let’s wrap up this kitchen remodel project! Continue reading “Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: Part 5: Lessons Learned and Closeout”

Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: Part 4 – Project Monitoring and Controlling

We have now arrived to the point of the kitchen remodel project where work is being performed and completed. So, we need to take a moment to ensure that the Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel project is running properly and efficiently, up to this point. Referring back to Project Planning 101, we want to specifically look at Project Monitoring and Controlling, which is Part 4 of the  five part process for managing projects. This is where we follow up to ensure the project is running smoothly and all items, elements, and tasks are being completed on time. Continue reading “Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel: Part 4 – Project Monitoring and Controlling”