Hi folks! So….unless you live south of the equator, in say Australia, then you may have noticed that it’s winter. Yeah, I know. What, did the cold weather, snow, and ice give it away? Anyway, the good news is that spring is just on the horizon, but until then, you may want to take a few small steps to ensure your Old House is ready to take on winter like a champ!

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Sometimes, our older homes can be drafty and cold, but most can be remedied fairly easily, and in a cost effective manner.

If the cold winter weather hasn’t chilled you to the bone this winter, there is a good chance that your utility bill has, especially with the early winter that most of us have been experiencing all over the globe.  Never fear though, throw another log on the fire, check out these warning signs, tips, and a handy winter weather checklist below from our friends over at This Old House:

Winter Weatherproofing Tips

  • Door air sealing
  • Window air sealing
  • Window A/C unit sealing
  • Maximizing your heating and managing your heating bill



  • Also, keep gutters and downspouts CLEAN and CLEAR, and INTACT so ice and snow melt don’t force water in places you don’t want – Roof, decking, behind flashing, etc
  • Dont forget to winterize your A/C unit!



Winter Weather Warning Signs

  • Listen up, folks! If temperatures are below freezing, snow should not be melting off your roof unless heavy sunlight is present for long times.
  • Look for snow melt and/or icicles at the drip edge/eaves/gutters.

Roof Host spot2
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  • Look for “hot spots” on the roof deck. This could indicate that hot air is escaping from inside the home, and into the attic.

Roof Hot Spo tPPT
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The Fix???

    • How to Beat “Old Man” Winter and Put a Few Dollars Back in Your Pocket: Part 2: Air Sealing and Insulation


 For more discussion on this topic, post your questions and comments below. See y’all for Part 2, so don’t miss it!


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